A few days ago, the Champion Show board received good news from De Beursfabriek in Nieuwegein. In January 2018, this international show for rabbits, pigeons and poultry will be open to the public from Friday 26th of January to Sunday 28th of January. On Friday 26th of January, all sent in animals will be judged. This also means all competitors will have to bring their animals to the show on Thursday evening instead of Wednesday evening. The Champion Show recommends all competitors and judges to bear these adjusted dates in mind.

It’s not just the organisation of the Champion Show that has welcomed the idea of a public access on Sunday. The many fans that are usually only able to visit such an exhibition during weekends are delighted too. Besides that, there was also a lot of international demand for a  public access on Sunday. This change demands from both K.N.V. Ornitophilia and K.N.V. Avicultura to buckle down to the Champion Show. Therefore, the Champion Show organisation asks everyone who would like to come and help out on these days to make this year’s show become an unforgettable success, to come forward. Many hands make light work, but foremost they will make a splendid show for rabbits, pigeons and poultry, which the Dutch fans can be proud of!